Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phat Rides @8TV

Was on Phat Rides 8th July 9.30pm..

If u'd missed it, pls follow the link attached. Register yourself and you'd be able to watch :)

Its Phat Rides Episode 5..

This Episode was about the process of Red Bull Female Driver Search Event that was sponsored by Red Bull Malaysia..



  1. Hello Carmen! It's Huai Bin from the drifting session. It was good to meet you. :)

  2. hi carmen :) this is see pin if u remember :)

  3. hi Huai Bin & SeePin..
    Thank you for dopping by my blog,hopefully i'd be able to make my blog more interesting to keep you all ard.

    It was nice meeting you all, and hope to c both of u soon in next drift session :)

    Till then take care

  4. Yup, see ya soon. Let's go yumcha someday racer chick. ;)

  5. Sure no problem.. do drop me msg whenever you wanna come by :)