Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drift Clinic @ MAEPS Serdang

Attended drift clinic under the guidance of Joe Han, Yoong, Sean & Tina..

My first ever drift experience. Its very different from track and rally driving..

The session was seperated into 2 groups of ppl - advance driving and drifting.

Only 3 of us in the drifting clinic - the famous DJ Phat Fabes, famous blogger Huai Bin who is also the winner of the Rexona Absolute Extreme Contest and myself :)

Fabe and i shared one car,the Toyota Corolla KE70, a fully done up drift spec car, for the drifting session.

Since it was my first lesson, the basic - Doughnut & figure 8..

I didn't quite get it until the end of the session, not the figure 8 though.. I shall leave this till the next drift session with Joe Han, and am looking forward to it..


  1. I had fun there too! I hope to see you at the next event! :)

  2. wow~ i like to attend a drift clinic too~