Saturday, August 1, 2009

One Day Pilot

Ever thought of pursuing the dream of becoming a pilot? or ever wonder what it's like to fly an aircraft?

Become One Day Pilot" is a course designed to help one understand what basic flying is about, experience the fun of flying a plane by yourself.

The course was a gift.. so coincidentally, bumped into Kin and Wen which i had not met for a long long time.

The course started off with half an hour ground lesson, basically some basic safety rules that you have to follow. Then you are ready to fly the plane but of course, with the companion of instructor.

Flight take off from Subang to Bandar Utama then make a big U-turn back to Subang, the whole journey takes about 20 mins.. Beware, the instructor will do some stunts in between :p

At the hangar.

The plane that we are flying


Pilot(s)-to-be briefing

While waiting...
Michelle's style..

Ready for take off..


Inspired by "Triumph In The Skies" 《衝上雲霄》The Hong Kong series

If you seriously thought of taking up pilot as a career, or you haven't really make up or mind on whether to becoming a pilot, this is a good place to start with.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Event happening this weekend


RD. 1 - S.I.C - 22nd MAR. (GRAVEL)
RD. 2 - S.I.C - 26th APR. (TARMAC)
RD. 3 - S.I.C - 26th JUL. (GRAVEL)
RD. 4 - S.I.C - 15th NOV. (GRAVEL)
RD. 5 - S.I.C - 19th DEC. (TARMAC)

For more info:

Drift Clinic @ MAEPS Serdang

Attended drift clinic under the guidance of Joe Han, Yoong, Sean & Tina..

My first ever drift experience. Its very different from track and rally driving..

The session was seperated into 2 groups of ppl - advance driving and drifting.

Only 3 of us in the drifting clinic - the famous DJ Phat Fabes, famous blogger Huai Bin who is also the winner of the Rexona Absolute Extreme Contest and myself :)

Fabe and i shared one car,the Toyota Corolla KE70, a fully done up drift spec car, for the drifting session.

Since it was my first lesson, the basic - Doughnut & figure 8..

I didn't quite get it until the end of the session, not the figure 8 though.. I shall leave this till the next drift session with Joe Han, and am looking forward to it..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Phat Rides @8TV

Was on Phat Rides 8th July 9.30pm..

If u'd missed it, pls follow the link attached. Register yourself and you'd be able to watch :)

Its Phat Rides Episode 5..

This Episode was about the process of Red Bull Female Driver Search Event that was sponsored by Red Bull Malaysia..


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cafe Cafe~~~

Cafe cafe @Jln Maharajalela..Most of the local-ians know about this restaurant, i think.. a french and italian fine dining place..

Very beautiful restaurant i must say, very goth and victorian..i looooooovvveeeee..BUT i wasn't allowed to take alot of picture.. argh...

Gorgeous flower arrangements greeted us..

Chandeliers suspended from the high ceilings..

Guess what was she drinking.. Mushroom soup???!!! hahahhaa no.. its one of the signature coffee - Cafe Au Lait.. must try, very nice and worth the money :)

Michelle bought new camera, keep showing off ...(i lied...)haha, figuring out how to use the camera lol

The place close quite early, about 12am, and yet we still have alot of stories to kepoh about, so we adjourned to Papa Rich in Kuchai Lama till late - 1.30am..

We were the last table to leave :p

Formula Drift Singapore 2009

Was in Singapore over the weekends for 1. Formula Drift 2. GSS (Great Singapore Sale) hiak hiak hiak...

Tengku Djan won. :) followed by Joehan then Ariff.

Weather wasn't too good for the spectators in the standing area.. Rained heavily but more actions seen when the surface started to get very slippery..

more pictures below:

Along side, the guys stayed in this new hotel called "Re! Hotel", a very "retro" furnished hotel, and i was told that it was formerly Pearl's Hill Primary School

Wonderful dinner with Jun & Yoko.. a restaurant named "Tamaya".. Wanted to try Ootoyo in Orchard Central, a new shopping mall..but unfortunately, we were told:

"We are very sorry that we don't serve food anymore as we are running out of materials as well as short of staff" -.-"

Alot of restaurants along the street...Western food, Japanese food, Coffeehouse..etc.

The bar





forgotten the name :p...


The bill ended up close to SGD200 :o

Very very expensive, Singapore's cost of living is way too high for me :(


Few doors away from Tamaya, theres this coffee shop "コーヒー店”(Coffee Shop), that served nice home made hot chocolate that reminds me of Max Brenner Australia.

The chocolate balls are supposed to be melt in the milk ..
What a fat fat evening...