Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday my dear Kassie

Happy birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy birthday to Kassie.... Happy birthday to u...

I know u r reading this la.. hehe.. am gonna post some pics that we took yesterday.

Supposed to go karaoke de, thanks to our boss Taki, ended up in CIMB mamak stall .. -.-

Cake cutting ceremony - 12am @Pick A Brush... We are good sisters ler gua, 12AM WOR!!! hahaha....

Hazel bought Hazel cheesecake, fattening but nice.. :p

Wahahahhahaa, still happily posing... U dirty cat... Good job Yani..hehe

Naughty Derrick... I "ding"..

So gals, our karaoke session still ON ar...^_^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shooting @ Bkt Tinggi

Another shooting day for "I wanna be a model III".
Woke up at 3.30am in the morning as call time is 5.30am.
Reached Bkt Tinggi guard house at about 6.45am, everyone was very hungry and tired as most of us did not have enough sleep.

No time for breakfast, tapao-ed from kiosk and picnic-ed by the road side.
Hazel had warned me not to post her pic here.. i've been a very good gal o..

Early morning walk, good exercise :p

Nice scenery along..

Weather was good and windy, NICE!!

Totally opposite from outside at the working area, what a mess..

As i couldn't pose the models' pics now, i'll show u some of our work during practise..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Aizar & Umi's Wedding

Attended Aizar & Umi's wedding in Sekinchan one day after the race, another freaking hot day

My first time attending a Malay wedding, was so excited.

The Jamuan was held in Umi's kampung, near padi field, i have never been so close to padi eventhough we eat it everyday :p.

It was a simple but happening and cozy wedding lunch, and a great get together :)

driving through muddy road before arriving at Umi's house

Here comes the bride and groom..

Super duper "Dai Wok Fan"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sepang 1000km

The team that i was supposed to be in, pulled out last min due to sponsorship matters. I thought i would missed this time race, but lucky enough and thank you to Akina, Lil Bob, who had given me the opportunity, invited me to join their team as one of their driver.

The car that we partipated in - Satria GTI.
6/6/2009. Race Day.. A very hot day, terribly hot, all cars lined up on their grid position after pit open. Our car qualified 21/56.
All 3 drivers - Akina, Amir & Carmen

Posing for our car, but too hot, eyes could hardly open wide

Amir with the GT queens Sana & Nana just before the race started.

Took pic with Alex on qualifying day, his pit was right next to ours :p
Sadly our car did not finish the race due to mechanically problems. The car broke down at lap 110. Even so, would like to say thank you to all the team members, especially the crews who worked non stop on the car.
It was a great experience to me, and am looking forward to participate in more races.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Shooting - Putrajaya...

Its make up job again in Putrajaya today.. Call time is 3.30am. Models reached studio at 4am, but only got all set to go at about 9am..

Reached Putrajaya at about 10am, then shooting starts.. the pity part is, we were all initially told that lunch will be BREAD...:( Luckily, the PA was so good and willing to drive all the way out to get us lunch whereby we had a choice of Nasi Goreng or MaggiMee Goreng..Thank u Ms PA..
The weather was very nice when we reached, a lil windy, and not much of sun shine.. but an hour later, we were all sweating as if we were in a steamer, the weather was stuffy and hot.. Lack of sleep and under hot sun, Can u imagine ???!!!

Saturday, no working day for Putrajaya..

* Back to school days look :p

Michelle sitting under the hot sun taking cute... :)

Job finished at 7+pm, but i went off earlier to get other paper works done.... Though tired, but it was a new experience for me :-)


Went to Isetan KLCC to shop for some grocery and check out who i met.....

Our former prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad.
I couldnt control myself and shouted" I WANNA TAKE PIC!!!!"
Kenneth thought i was crazy when he initially thought i wanna take pic of yogurt.. haha
I went up to Tun Dr. Mahathir and asked him if i can take pic with him, he was so nice and replied very softly "OK...." :-)
Although i have seen him many times in newspaper and TV but never in real person, hehe. He still look very healthy and smart.