Friday, May 29, 2009


Its been more than half a month since my last post.

Been busy with make up for " I wanna be a model-Season III" show. But sorry guys, can't reveal the picture until the end of the show.. so pls be patient ya..

XinYi From 8TV Style. The host of the event.

It was fun but quite tiring... Have to sleep early tonite as tomorrow's call time - 3am. Read carefully, its 3AM. We (Kassie, Michelle, Jane and me) decided to have early early breakfast, which is 2.30 am near the studio.

Tomorrow's theme is "SLEEPING" by the street in Putrajaya (Fun Gai in cantonese). Hopefully it'll end before 12pm, so that i escape from sun burnt hehe, been very tanned after several trainings in Sepang for 1000km race which will be held from 4-6 June. Come support me ok :)

Today is also mama's birthday, Happy Birthday Mama!!! I love U alwiz though i never say it out to you :p

Friday, May 15, 2009

Puma FnF4 Party - Laundry Bar, The Curve

Attended the party, check out some photos.

First prize winner - Sharon from RX8 Club.. Nice car with nice details..

FUR car... bonnet with furry furryyyy..

Really cool design from Remus.. alot of hard work and must have taken alot of effort and time to do up the car.. Its very sad that their cars didnt win :(

Kenneth's S2K

It was a great event, but hopefully the next time they will have more food serve :p

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Puma Skin UR Racer Party

Puma’s ‘Fast & Furious 4 - Urban Racer’ campaign will culminate in a massive street party to be held at The Curve and Laundry Bar on May 13, which is tomorrow.

I'll be going there to join the fun with a couple of friends as we have got the VIP Tags.
As a run-up to the party, Puma, together with Hitz FM, ran the Puma “Skin Ur Racer” contest from April 8 to May 3, where drift/urban racer owners will be able to re-design their cars based on a Puma shoe model and be in the running to win…
a. 1st Prize - CASH MYR4,000 + limited Edition Micheal Schumacher shoe + Trip for two to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, Italy (the trip is exclusive to Ferrari F1 sponsors only – hence it’s a priceless and exclusive prize giveaway)
b. 2nd Prize - CASH MYR3,000 + Limited Editon Ferrari Furio V Mid SF
c. 3rd Prize - CASH MYR2,000 + limited Edition TR Urban Racer
d. Seven consolation prizes of a Puma Urban Racer shoe and Puma Motorsport jacket
The shortlisted top 10 cars will be displayed at The Curve on May 13 and prizes will be awarded at the event.
Come join the fun if you have the Puma Fast & Furious 4 party tickets.

2009 Tech 1-ZX Alpinestars Glove

Alpinestars Gloves - 2009 Tech 1-ZX

Ordered long time ago but only got it recently.

Nice Packaging

Front & Back

FIA Compliance.

Price: USD 139.95
Still working hard to buy the suit, shoe and underwear ...:(

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Suppose to go to Sungei Wang to see the charity tulips sale by KLM but due to tight schedule, i went to MV instead. Lucky me, i got the chance to see real tulips while picking up shopping trolley in Jusco. I dont really fancy flowers, but still got attracted by these becoz i have never seen real tulips before.

Look fake, but i swear, they are real..

Not too expensive though imported from Holland.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MAM SIC Rally X Tarmac Rd 2

My first ever rally experience.

Got to know about the event from one of my friend, Akina, a professional racer.

I dont own a rally car, but Gina, was so kind to share her CLK (cute little kancil, MIRA L5 inside), with me..Thank you Gina, really appraciated that.

Besides, i would also like to say thank you to Megat from Mat Speed for sponsoring the entry fee, Nana and cousin(s) for the lovely lunch.

It was a hot day in Sepang, a lil thunder storm in the middle of the day, but it only lasted for less than 30 mins, and the road dried off quickly. Thank God that it didnt rain heavily.

The course was fun, quite challenging. A combination of gymkhana and rally.

Finished 2nd in the Ladies category :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My birthday...

Nothing much, just as usual, morning wake up, went back to my mama's house to collect my food and went to work.. but lunch box was a lil different, my mama made red eggs for me... YEAH,..!!!not only for myself, but oso my colleagues... SWEET..Thank u mama

Showing off my presents hehe

Canon 95IS with matching pouch. - Thank you darl..

Anna Sui - Magic Romance - Thank you Papa, Mama, yan, liang and yin

Shuang Hor Lu Chun LingZhi Tea - Thank you Leona :)

Went back to the studio in the afternoon for "I wanna be a model" briefing and a suprise party was held for the May babies - Thank you M jie, Taki and the rest in Pick a Brush Workshop.

In the evening rushed home for homecooked dinner.. Mama cooked dinner for my birthday, SWEET & warm :)
Though no huge birthday party, but i still feel very happy and warm :) Thank u everyone ..

1st May Labour Day

Went to ipoh for a one day one nite trip. Stayed over in a fren's house and his house is... FREAKING NICE...!!!!Even better than hotel

looks like furniture showroom

Living Room - 60" TV nice!!! and also my favourite standing lamp

Dry Kitchen

My favourite in d house...Unlimited Lollipopzzzzzsss

Dining Area (check out the lights)

Guests Room

My fren collects alot of figures.. "Bruce Lee" is one of them.. and TA..DA..

the famous “东亚病夫“ HAHAHAHAHA

Pink Pink stairs area - i like!!!

My fren brought us to eat the famous Ipoh Taugeh Chicken rice, initially wanted to try Onn kee(安记), but business was too good and chicken finished when we arrived, so we went to the other one - Lou Wong(老黄). It was delicious, i like the taugeh, very crunchy, yum yum!!

The next morning, we went to Ming Kok (明阁)for dim sum, sad to say that we did not get to try everything in the restaurant, becoz we were late and all the famous dishes in the restaurant were sold out (argh!!!!), but we still to taste the Char Siew Pau, Chee Cheong Fun..

Then we proceed to Old Town White Coffee, almost the same taste as those we have in Old Town Kopitiam.

Oh, we visited some "holes" also.. Couldnt remember the name of the hole though.

Overall the trip was nice though tiring, will definitely visit Ipoh again real soon, and this time, Onn Kee is a must go/eat place..