Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cafe Cafe~~~

Cafe cafe @Jln Maharajalela..Most of the local-ians know about this restaurant, i think.. a french and italian fine dining place..

Very beautiful restaurant i must say, very goth and victorian..i looooooovvveeeee..BUT i wasn't allowed to take alot of picture.. argh...

Gorgeous flower arrangements greeted us..

Chandeliers suspended from the high ceilings..

Guess what was she drinking.. Mushroom soup???!!! hahahhaa no.. its one of the signature coffee - Cafe Au Lait.. must try, very nice and worth the money :)

Michelle bought new camera, keep showing off ...(i lied...)haha, figuring out how to use the camera lol

The place close quite early, about 12am, and yet we still have alot of stories to kepoh about, so we adjourned to Papa Rich in Kuchai Lama till late - 1.30am..

We were the last table to leave :p

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